B2B Online Solutions

Make your wholesale business easy

Focus on business growth instead of business process flow. B2B Solution helps you to automate the routine: advanced catalogue search, flexible pricing, specific cart and checkout.

  • receive and manage orders 24/7
  • multiple users accessing a Wholesale Company
  • personilized line of credit for each Wholesale Company

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B2B System Benefits:

Quick Start

Easily adapted system reduces the time you need to step into (implement smth) online wholesale market

Corporate Style

Platform can be designed using company's corporate style


Different types of content on the site: from digital catalogues to special price regulations

Multilingual platform

Allows your clients from different parts of the world to understand and collaborate with you

Multi-currency usage

Auto currency conversion from one unit to another

Saves a manager's time

Orders are automatically imported to ERP System

Special prices for special clients

Flexible price set up for different type of clients or client groups

Always up-to-date

System updates prices and inventory automatically, and your clients always have up to date information


You can edit client's orders (if necessary) and re-send the updated version. Clients are able to see the order history (e.g. items that were removed from order or changed for similar items)


The solution has responsive design and your customers can easily order from mobile devices.

What do you need to set your B2B Solution up and running?

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