Ecommerce Website Development

We build your business online

Designing your site to achieve high sales, best buyer experience and setting up functionality you can easily widen at any time.

  • unique professional design created to increase conversion rates
  • easy to use content management system
  • tools for increasing customer loyalty
  • keeping your stock up-to-dated

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What do you get?

Responsive web design

Due to a responsive design your eCommerce website is corectly viewed both on desktop and mobile devices.

Automatic product stock update

Keep always up to date information about prices, stocks and orders. Your online store exchanges information with an external database 24/7.

Unlimited number of products listed

Magento platform handles immense loads and large quantity of products. Scale your business!

Marketing tools

Specific customer pricing, product discounts, promo-codes and many other opportunities to boost your online sales!

Analytics and reports

Interested in knowing who is your best customer? Who made the most orders? Why a product was placed in the cart but not bought? What were your customers looking for? Learn it in few clicks!

Ecommerce solution that does sell your goods!

Website design is made in view of the latest marketing research in usability and your target audience peculiarities. Hence you selling more while having the same number of people visitng the site.

Stages ecommerce site creation

Target audience analysis

Creation of the site concept and its wireframing

Graphic web design and web development

Content submitting and testing

Website launch

Support and maintenance

Content renewal and/or updating

CMS updates, modules updates and database backups

Functionality extension, adding new features to your ecommerce solution